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Jetkleen A new high-pressure aqueous parts washer, designed to save time and money

Why Choose Jetkleen?

  • High pressure parts washer in action, powerful spray cleaning a metal component
    Why Choose Jetkleen? Features Performance
    • High pressure spray = outstanding cleaning performance at speed.
    • Powerful flow rate delivers targeted cleaning through a range of optional interchangeable nozzles.
    High Pressure Spray 35 Bar
    12 Litres / minute.
  • Image of Jetkleen parts washer showing bright stainless steel construction and bright yellow foot control switch
    Why Choose Jetkleen? Features Performance
    • No VOC emissions to monitor = better working environment and less administration.
    • Not classed as hazardous = less environmental and H&S worries.
    • Two-stage filter prolongs the life of the detergent = reduced waste (+ cost saving).
    • No splashes or leaks.
    • Foot switch for ease of use and greater operator control.
    • Digital indicator shows when machine is at optimum performance level.
    Water Based Detergent

    Interlocking Lid

    Foot Control Switch

    Temperature Indicator
    Effective and safe cleaning, even on stubborn contaminates and heavy oil and grease.

    Effective waste reduction.

    Safer by design.
  • Image of control panel, the standby by button and temperature indicator on the Jetkleen parts cleaner
    Why Choose Jetkleen? Features Performance
    • Unique low energy heating system + energy-saving, doubled-skinned insulation = further cost reductions.
    • Optimal cleaning temperature in less than 90 minutes = time + money savings.
    • Standby facility reduces energy use and minimises downtime.
    Low Energy Usage Impressive 5.26 kWh (based on 4 hours use per day)
  • Image showing how visible parts being cleaned is through large window of parts washer
    Why Choose Jetkleen? Features Performance
    • Robust, spacious cleaning area - cleans small intricate components through to large, heavy parts.
    • Maximum visibility during the inspection and cleaning process.
    Spacious Work Area

    Heavy Load Bearing

    Large Window
    Low Energy Lighting
    Large sink area 795mm x 1190mm x 860mm
    (d x w x h).

    80 Kg per 0.1m2.

    Wide window
    360mm x 650mm
    (h x w) and well lit workspace.